LYRIC Motion

Electric Transportation × Strategic Design = Brand Revitalization

In 2009 we met a client who challenged us to help him with a dream: to introduce an electric personal transportation vehicle already that was already popular in Europe to recreational, military, police and warehouse / industrial markets in North America.

Getting the Show on the Road

Working closely with the CEO, the Chairman, the president, and the CTO, we surveyed the competitive landscape in the North American personal electric vehicle industry to determine where and how this new entry might be positioned and differentiated, created a brand strategy that detailed the product’s key attributes, and established a go-to-market plan that detailed challenges and opportunities. For example:

  • because the European product was saddled with a name, E-Bikeboard, that was felt to be a less than optimal fit for the North American brand criteria, one of the first orders of business was to re-name the product.
  • developing a plan to effectively introduce the product to very different target markets meant assessing the pros and cons related to online, dealer-based and stand-alone brick and mortar stores.


 Articulation and Execution

Establishing the name LYRIC Motion to reflect freedom, fluidity, efficiency, and a ‘go anywhere’ capability, we developed targeted messaging and an extensive brand expression system that included corporate and product identities, websites, location scouting and retail store layout and brand activation in Scottsdale AZ and Draper UT, email campaigns, apparel, helmets, brochures and product sheets and other print collateral. Location-specific media purchased to support grand openings included newspaper ads, radio spots, television spots, billboards and web media. We also implemented a digital marketing strategy that included an SEO-focused initiative, social media strategy, email campaigns and media-specific landing pages and generated monthly reports that showed where the program was effective and illuminated areas for improvement.

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LYRIC Motion sales in the first month following the product’s North American debut exceeded all expectations, burning through nearly half of the company’s available product inventory. And through continued monitoring and data analysis, we made some discoveries that enabled us to adjust the company’s communication strategy in a way that didn’t disrupt current messaging, but more closely targeted a demographic that has emerged as a bit of a surprise player in the marketplace. The upshot? LYRIC Motion is now faced with production challenges that come with not being able to fill orders fast enough.


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LYRIC Motion

This visualization illustrates the full extent of our engagement with this particular client, broken down by the percentage of specific capabilities we provided during the relationship.

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  • General
  • Individual
  1. I Understanding / strategy
    1. A Research
    2. B Data visualization
    3. C Brand strategy
  2. II Conceptualization / articulation
    1. D Naming / nomenclature
    2. E Positioning / message development
    3. F Copywriting / content development
  3. III Communication design / execution
    1. G Corporate identity
    2. H Video / motion graphics
    3. I Web design / development
    4. J Physical spaces
    5. K Collateral / publications
    6. L Events / experiences
    7. M Digital media / marketing
    8. N Social media
    9. O Packaging
  4. IV Measurement / consulting
    1. P Search engine marketing
    2. Q Creative consultation
    3. R Innovation workshops