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Smart New Company × Strategic Design = The Next Level

The founders of SecurityPoint Media had experienced a magic moment: they’d recognized an untapped opportunity to improve an often stressful and frustrating situation that was literally standing right in front of them—sometimes for what seemed like hours. They’d shaped that realization into a win-win-win solution for a diverse group of stakeholders with complex, stringent, and at times, divergent requirements and needs, and been able to gain a foothold in a difficult market. And they knew that in order to make the move from innovative start-up to next level advertising/media company they needed to clearly define, articulate and communicate their position as the leader in a unique business.

Understanding SecurityPoint Media

After navigating the complexities of product ideation, intellectual property law, prototyping, manufacturing, the TSA, various airport authorities, advertisers and their agencies, SecurityPoint Media turned to us to help clarify their offering and elevate their brand. With a long term goal to be THE media company working in a uniquely challenging environment, they knew that clearly communicating their value proposition would be critical to their long-term success.

In order to gain an understanding of the complexities and nuances of SecurityPoint Media’s business, their short- and long-term product and service offerings, and to establish a clear sense of the intangibles—tone of voice, attitude and culture—that they projected as individuals and as an organization, we began by working with the company’s CEO, COO, CMO and other key people to answer a series of questions designed to help frame the challenge/opportunity.

  • What were SPMs short- and long-term objectives as an organization?
  • Who were SPMs initial constituent audiences and what mattered most to each?
  • What were the key attributes that had enabled SPM to achieve its initial successes?
  • What would success look like for SPM from a brand communication / positioning standpoint?

The insights gathered helped us establish a set of guiding principles on which to base our brand strategy and helped us develop an intellectual and emotional framework on which to build a compelling and credible brand communication program.

SecurityPoint Media - ID

Articulation and Execution

Taking cues from SecurityPoint Media’s core product—its patented airport security tray media system—we created a corporate identity that conveys both motion and control, variability and consistency. That identity informs the visual language—the look and feel—of all aspects of SecurityPoint Media’s brand communication platform, extending from business papers and collateral to the company’s website, videos, presentations, sales tools and more. And working closely with SecurityPoint Media personnel, we helped develop key positioning and messaging elements and establish a tone of voice that accurately reflects the company’s clear, informative, confident and capable approach to business.


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By providing SecurityPoint Media with a credible, unique and consistent brand voice and presence, since its inception this strategic design program has helped the company more than double its presence in airports across the U.S. to 36 (as of January 2013).

Looking forward, we’re helping SPM solidify and expand its footprint by helping them create branded environments that speed and improve the security process, lower passenger stress levels and deliver targeted advertising and messaging through video, static and physical assets.

SecurityPoint Media - Ad


SecurityPoint Media

This visualization illustrates the full extent of our engagement with this particular client, broken down by the percentage of specific capabilities we provided during the relationship.

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  • General
  • Individual
  1. I Understanding / strategy
    1. A Research
    2. B Data visualization
    3. C Brand strategy
  2. II Conceptualization / articulation
    1. D Naming / nomenclature
    2. E Positioning / message development
    3. F Copywriting / content development
  3. III Communication design / execution
    1. G Corporate identity
    2. H Video / motion graphics
    3. I Web design / development
    4. J Physical spaces
    5. K Collateral / publications
    6. L Events / experiences
    7. M Digital media / marketing
    8. N Social media
    9. O Packaging
  4. IV Measurement / consulting
    1. P Search engine marketing
    2. Q Creative consultation
    3. R Innovation workshops