When does the future arrive?

We’re all working towards the future. The trouble is, we can only work in the present because the future never actually arrives. So plan accordingly.

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In this issue of X
, we explore the future, reflect on the wisdom of the past, break down Gleicher’s formula for change, and gaze toward what’s to come.

The Formula for Change, also known as Gleicher’s Formula, is a succinct way of breaking down the process of organizational change into its essential elements. Whether you’re a leader in business, government, or education, making change happen is the name of the game.

Read more about the Formula for Change.

Not that long ago, robots were the science-fiction future. Now they’re the mundane present as visionaries like Elon Musk set plans to start a functional civilization on the red planet by 2050.
From crystal balls to tarot cards, to time machines, to predictive analytics, we’re obsessed with trying to know what lies ahead.
Over the years, we’ve worked with some future-focused clients. They’ve taken risks, stretched boundaries, and charged ahead when it might have been easier just to stick with the known world.

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Originality. It’s quite a concept. When we sit down to create the future, there’s no way we can’t be influenced by the past. Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson explored this phenomenon in his highly entertaining 2011 Cusp Conference presentation.

You can dive into more forward-thinking Cusp videos here.

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