Desired state.

Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  09.24.18

We’re closing in on Cusp Conference 2018, our annual foray into ‘the design of everything’.

Cusp isn’t only about design in the common sense — it’s not just about the design of things like cars, furniture, websites, buildings, or shoes, for example — that most people might associate with the ‘d-word’. So quite often, when I contact a potential presenter who’s somehow gotten on my radar, I’m met with some variation of the following: “I think you have me confused with someone else. I’m not a designer.”

My response to that is usually to explain that one of the definitions of design is ‘the plan or process by which we move from an existing state to a desired state.’

The people I’m speaking with may be trying to find ways to change food waste into valuable products, or to bring about positive changes in the criminal justice system, or to make jet propulsion more fuel efficient, but once they hear that explanation, virtually everyone subsequently agrees that yes, in that context, they’re a designer. And yes, they’ll speak at Cusp.

That explanation is also why we think of all of our clients as designers.

Maybe they have a new product they want to take to market, a new initiative they want to roll out to 10,000 employees in 16 countries, or a concept for a service that will improve the delivery of educational content. Maybe they’re looking to find an engaging way to communicate their financial results with their stakeholders, or to generate support for their cause. Regardless of their industry or area of expertise, all of our clients are continuously working to move from an existing state to a desired state.

Often the real challenge in attempting to reach a desired state is that there are so many varied but necessary aspects involved. In those cases, it’s essential to connect with resources who can execute discrete components — legal, financial, human resources, engineering, communication — to collectively move the process forward. We’re honored to be one of the resources our clients look to.

Simply put, we help our clients make their ideas visible, tangible, accessible, and understandable. We conceive, design, and create the bits and pieces that give form and substance to their concepts and provide fuel for the positive changes they’re trying to effect.

It’s a fascinating job.

We love working with global pharmaceutical companies, artisanal nut producers, educators, and software innovators. Because we love the learning, problem-solving, and sense of accomplishment that comes from helping people get where they want to go.

Basically, helping our clients move forward — by designing corporate, marketing, and brand communications, producing digital assets like websites, apps, and video, and creating compelling environments and experiences — is our desired state.

If you need some help moving towards yours, give us a buzz.