We can’t help but look at what is, and think about what could be.

Our ventures.

While it may be true that necessity is the mother of invention, for anyone cursed with abnormally sharp critical thinking skills, the simple frustrations of everyday life can be a source of inspiration. From time to time we take a chance on our own instincts and go after opportunities where we see the potential. Here are a few of the ventures, brands, products, and services we’ve created, shaped, and continue to grow:

Cusp Conference

Cusp Conference has been called “a probiotic for the brain.” Conceived around associational thinking, each fall since 2008 we’ve brought 25 seemingly unrelated speakers to the stage at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art Theatre to talk about ‘the design of everything’—the kind of creativity, problem solving, and inspiring ideas that are changing lives and changing the world. With an audience composed of CEOs, Chief Innovation Officers, company founders, architects, programmers, educators, physicians, musicians, writers, and high school students, Cusp’s intimate setting creates unique opportunities to connect and collaborate.


Developed as a way for youth sports coaches to quickly and easily provide meaningful metrics and instructional information to athletes (and parents), PowerPlayer is a feedback platform built around a performance evaluation system or PES. A SaaS platform conceived and created by a team of former athletes, coaches, and parents with experience in youth, high school, junior, NCAA, and professional hockey, baseball, football, basketball, soccer and lacrosse, PowerPlayer is currently in use in Canada, the United States, and Europe.


A one-of-a-kind rental space located in the heart of Chicago’s West Loop, ForthLevel was designed to accommodate corporate off-sites, workshops, presentations, small gatherings, and events. The flexible loft-style space is a blend of comfort, technology, style, and ambiance that’s conducive to creative thinking and collaborative interaction.

Got an idea?

If you recognize that sometimes opportunity is disguised as aggravation, you probably wonder what potential might lie in reimagining and reengineering an existing process, product, service, or methodology by injecting new thinking into it.

Got an idea you'd like to transition into reality?

We’ve partnered with visionary company founders to help them articulate, frame, launch, and promote their new business concepts. Our experience with startups and new ventures extend to:

  • Business roadmapping
  • Financial modeling
  • Private placement memoranda development
  • Intellectual property strategy
  • Minimum viable product (MVP) development
  • Go-to-market strategy