Designer, App Developer, Conference Creator, and Author
Updates  /  Chicago  /  06.04.19
Talemaker Communications sits down with designer, app developer, sports aficionado, conference creator, and author Dave Mason.
Brand Identity Essentials
Work  /  05.21.19
Multiple is honored to be included in the second edition of Brand Identity Essentials. The book breaks down the 100 principles of building brands with a variety of examples from design leaders such as Alan Cooper, Collins, Design Army, Multiple Inc, Pentagram, and many others.
Multiple Publication, A Mohawk Library Selection
Work  /  Chicago  /  05.06.19
Honored to have our publication as a Mohawk Library Selection. Mohawk Fine Papers serves the creative needs of designers, brand-owners and printers in more than 60 countries.
Chicago: Front-end Developer
Careers  /  Chicago  /  04.05.19
We’re looking for an experienced developer who can connect the art of design with the science of programming.
Design 50: Who Shapes Chicago 2019
Updates  /  Chicago  /  03.04.19
Dave Mason, founding partner, Multiple, Inc. included in who shapes Chicago 2019.
Value of intangibles — from human behavior to brands.
Events  /  Chicago  /  02.28.19
Multiple hosted the CEO Roundtable-Chicago at our west loop offices for a presentation by Dave Mason, Principal and Strategy Director.
It happens here.
Work  /  Chicago  /  01.22.19
The thematic communication campaign is designed to meet the institutional objectives of being versatile enough to accommodate the diverse and dynamic ...
Graphis 2018 Design Annual Competition
Updates  /  Chicago  /  01.09.19
Multiple was honored to be included in the 2018 Graphis Design Annual for it’s brand communication work for Oxbow Social Media Monitoring.
New Year. New Talent. General Assembly Tech Talent Showcase.
Events  /  ForthLevel, Chicago  /  01.04.19
Looking for data scientists, web developers or user experience designers to join your team? General Assembly wants you to meet grads of its recent immersive programs.
Move the needle.
Ideas  /  Andy Eltzroth  /  Chicago  /  12.27.18
An EVP at a 60,000+ employee multinational organization, on this particular day he wasn’t interested in talking much about any current or future projects. He just wanted to hang out. And vent.
Multiple Atlanta’s Skot Waldron on Business RadioX
Updates  /  Atlanta  /  10.08.18
Skot talked about his experience, and a proven process to help businesses clarify their message, define their brand, and bring more structure to brand and marketing programs.
Working Title: On Naming Brands, Services, and Products
Work  /  10.03.18
We’ve named a few things for ourselves, and more than a few things for our clients, including their companies, products, services, events, and initiatives.
Design Canada — Special Screening and Discussion
Events  /  MCA Chicago  /  10.01.18
Join us on October 23, 2018, for a special pre-Cusp screening and discussion with Design Canada director (and Cusp 2017 presenter) Greg Durrell.
Cusp Conference 2018
Events  /  MCA Chicago  /  09.30.18
Join us on October 24-25 for two days of thought-provoking talks that will challenge you to do more, perform better, give more, and think more clearly.
Kevin Krueger goes back to high school
Updates  /  09.28.18
Multiple’s Kevin Krueger was a guest speaker at his alma mater — St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio — to help celebrate the grand opening of its...
Desired state.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  09.24.18
Most people might associate the ‘d-word’ only with things like cars, furniture, websites, buildings, or shoes. But by definition, we‘re all designers.
General Assembly Tech Talent Showcase
Events  /  ForthLevel, Chicago  /  09.12.18
Looking for data scientists, web developers, or user experience designers to join your team? General Assembly wants you to meet grads of its recent immersive programs.
Cusp 2017 video: food upcycler Bertha Jimenez on combining and connecting.
Updates  /  Chicago  /  09.11.18
Cusp 2017 presenter Bertha Jimenez is the co-founder of RISE, a startup that turns organic industrial waste into value by converting it into raw materials.