Solving the core challenges facing higher education institutions.

Built on a history of innovation and a passion for education, AccelerEd has deep roots in the expertise required to support and scale digital solutions to attract learners and drive revenue growth.

The company was originally created to manage and develop innovative IT and technology solutions to help the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) become one of the world’s largest and most effective distance learning institutions. Their work has encompassed improving virtually every facet of UMGC's university-wide operations, from enrollment management and marketing to academic affairs and career services.

Multiple provided brand messaging, design, visual asset creation, and web development to enhance AccelerEd’s online presence as they adapt and transform in the rapidly evolving world of higher education.

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In light of the new reality of AccelerEd's remote and digital working environment, employees were photographed in their homes over Zoom.
Thought leadership pieces from the AccelerEd team and "finger on the pulse" articles related to the world of higher education are archived in the site's Thoughts section.

Scope of Services


Copywriting, photography, video, social content


Front-end development, back-end development


Digital experiences
Advance Illinois
Marketing / Campaigns Print / Packaging