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"Let us get this straight... you want us to create and produce an "Iron Chef type of cooking show" within the next eight weeks? Thanks for thinking of us, but NO."

After saying no to the initial request, we proposed a quick sprint with the Performance Food Group team to rethink what this "show" concept could be. We then offered the following:

  • Produce four episodes, each based on one of the core turnkey food solutions
  • Film in their corporate test kitchen over two days
  • Introduce Chef Lonnie, the head corporate chef, as the celebrity host
  • Bring in their top chefs to face off in a 15-minute cooking challenge
  • Base the judging criteria on taste, ease of preparation, portability, and relevance to the individual food brands
  • Brand the show as FreshTakes, representing a new perspective on grab-and-go convenience store foods.

They said go! So we got… cooking.

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Now, we had our own short-timeframe challenge in front of us. Show branding, positioning, and set design. Coordinate the production crew and direct each episode.

3... 2... 1... Done!
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After tasting fantastic new culinary creations and having a ton of fun, we edited and delivered each episode in various lengths and formats for applications from trade shows to social media.
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"How can I thank you and your amazing team for the production of Fresh Takes? You were flawless in the development and execution, making the entire experience a true joy to be a part of! Thank you. It seems inadequate, but know that you have my total appreciation and gratitude for your professional approach to our project and the talent and expertise you exemplified throughout the process. If there were an Oscar to present for best-in-class strategic development and production, you would be dubbed the GOAT team and win that award!"
Christina, Senior Director of Marketing, Performance Food Group

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