AIGA Chicago Awards hosted at Multiple’s Forth event space
Events  /  Chicago  /  06.14.18
An unparalleled group of talent gathered for a night to celebrate those who have enhanced the profession, impact and culture of design in Chicago.
WCA Networking Event at Multiple Chicago’s Forth event space
Events  /  ForthLevel, Chicago  /  06.13.18
A gathering of Chicago business leaders from the West Central Association (WCA) Chamber of Commerce hosted at Multiple Chicago's West Loop event space.
What’s it like to be five?
Updates  /  06.01.18
Today we’re happy to celebrate five years of Multiple: more than a hundred great clients, thousands of energizing projects, an accomplishment or two, and one wonderful partnership.
Raising a glass.
Work  /  Chicago  /  06.01.18
We helped Constellation Brands — the company behind powerhouse brands such as Corona, Modelo, Kim Crawford, and Robert Mondavi — document and celebrate a year of stellar achievements in its 2018 Annual Review and Company Profile.
Introduction to the Chicago Design Community
Events  /  ForthLevel, Chicago  /  05.22.18
An introduction to the Chicago design community, moderated by Andy Eltzroth and hosted at Multiple’s event space, ForthLevel.
Caring counts.
Work  /  Chicago  /  05.07.18
We helped a global leader in the risk, benefits, and integrated business solutions industry improve the experience for all of its website visitors.
X No. 1: Fuel.
Work  /  Chicago  /  05.04.18
We're fueled by the people and companies who look to us to help them move forward, and by the ideas, innovations, environments, and opportunities that surround us.
Be Eby.
Work  /  Chicago  /  04.07.18
We helped a leader in distribution get connected to its target employee audience.
An ocean of care.
Work  /  02.07.18
We helped Royal Caribbean Cruises make it crystal clear: for them, protecting the ocean is everything.
Ten years on the Cusp.
Work  /  01.25.18
We took a data-driven look at the first ten years of our conference about the design of everything.
New word. Old challenge.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  11.22.17
I learned a new word recently. Chaordic. Maybe you’re familiar with that term, but I wasn’t until Natalie Nixon sprung it on us at Cusp Conference 2017.
Every Human Being Has Design In Their DNA
Updates  /  Chicago  /  10.03.17
BizCast produced this executive interview highlighting Dave Mason as he reflects on past lessons and discusses the difference between customer needs and wants.
We can do this.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  08.31.17
It’s been more than ten years since we thought maybe we could help inspire the kind of thinking that makes a difference. And what an incredibly optimism-inducing experience it has been.
A social media safety net.
Work  /  Chicago  /  08.17.17
We developed the brand framework, naming and identity that was applied to everything from business cards and website to the app interface itself, created video assets to help communicate the concept, and worked with Oxbow’s app developers to design features and functionality to help family social media interactions.
Do you copy? Over.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  06.27.17
Despite the sheer number of ways in which so many of us now make ourselves available to the world — websites, email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, MySpace (believe it or not, people still use MySpace!), SnapChat, and yes, even actual phones — it has become increasingly difficult to connect with anyone.
Looking at similarity differently.
Work  /  Chicago  /  05.26.17
We helped a biosimilars pharmaceutical company communicate scientific rigor and unique perspective on the biologic medicine industry with a new identity and website.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  01.31.17
Innovation is rooted in knowing and not knowing. It's about being able to look at something that exists (in some cases that existing something might actually be ‘nothing’—an unmet need) and then combining expertise with creativity to conceive and develop previously unknown ‘things’ that solve problems, create value or generate opportunities. We do a lot of work with people who simultaneously know and don’t know. And we love it, because that’s the way we approach what we do.
The genesis of the design of everything Cusp Conference per Dave Mason.
Updates  /  Chicago  /  10.18.16
DesignApplause and Dave Mason agree to meet right after his 2016 Cusp Conference – after Dave takes a few days off to do whatever one does after a ninth annual iron man of sorts.