Caring counts.
Work  /  Chicago  /  05.07.18
We helped a global leader in the risk, benefits, and integrated business solutions industry improve the experience for all of its website visitors.
X No. 1: Fuel.
Work  /  Chicago  /  05.04.18
We see the world around us through the lens of design. X is a publication of words and images about the the things that fascinate us.
Be Eby.
Work  /  Chicago  /  04.07.18
We helped a leader in distribution get connected to its target employee audience.
An ocean of care.
Work  /  02.07.18
We helped Royal Caribbean Cruises make it crystal clear: for them, protecting the ocean is everything.
Ten years on the Cusp.
Work  /  01.25.18
We took a data-driven look at the first ten years of our conference about the design of everything.
New word. Old challenge.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  11.22.17
I learned a new word recently. Chaordic. Maybe you’re familiar with that term, but I wasn’t until Natalie Nixon sprung it on us at Cusp Conference 2017.
We can do this.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  08.31.17
It’s been more than ten years since we thought maybe we could help inspire the kind of thinking that makes a difference. And what an incredibly optimism-inducing experience it has been.
A social media safety net.
Work  /  Chicago  /  08.17.17
We developed the brand framework, naming and identity that was applied to everything from business cards and website to the app interface itself, created video assets to help communicate the concept, and worked with Oxbow’s app developers to design features and functionality to help family social media interactions.
Do you copy? Over.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  06.27.17
Despite the sheer number of ways in which so many of us now make ourselves available to the world — websites, email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, MySpace (believe it or not, people still use MySpace!), SnapChat, and yes, even actual phones — it has become increasingly difficult to connect with anyone.
Looking at similarity differently.
Work  /  Chicago  /  05.26.17
We helped a biosimilars pharmaceutical company communicate scientific rigor and unique perspective on the biologic medicine industry with a new identity and website.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  01.31.17
Innovation is rooted in knowing and not knowing. It's about being able to look at something that exists (in some cases that existing something might actually be ‘nothing’—an unmet need) and then combining expertise with creativity to conceive and develop previously unknown ‘things’ that solve problems, create value or generate opportunities. We do a lot of work with people who simultaneously know and don’t know. And we love it, because that’s the way we approach what we do.
That night in Toronto.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  08.23.16
I once had the incredible good fortune to spend a few hours with Gord Downie. The enigmatic front man I’d ‘known’ from afar, was at first almost shy, but also incredibly warm and funny and engaging, a guy like any other guy you’d be happy to hang out and watch a game with. I can’t think of any greater quality than that.
Frustration = opportunity.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  05.26.16
While it may be true that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, for members of the world’s population who are cursed with abnormally sharp critical thinking skills, the simple frustrations of everyday life can be a source of inspiration.
And the assist goes to...
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  11.10.15
I know there are people out there who like to pretend they’re ‘self-made.’ Who claim that it’s their own hard work, smarts, and guts alone that made them successful, and whose lesson for those who aren’t quite as successful is, “well you’re just not hard-working, smart or gutsy enough”. I call bullshit on that.
Industry standard.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  08.26.15
I mean, why would someone who wants to throw a monkey wrench into everything that drives his industry—everything that represents the status quo he deals with every day—want to do anything ‘standard’?
The paradox of BRANDING!
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  05.07.15
Among other things, I help people and organizations communicate their best selves to the people they most want to connect with. But something about BRANDS! doing BRANDING! just rubs me the wrong way. At least to me, BRANDS! can seem like the equivalent of the loudmouth in the busy restaurant. They’re the guy in the powder blue tuxedo who shows up at your wedding.
You’re welcome.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  01.21.15
Many species communicate. It's thought that whales, dolphins and porpoises do it sonically and that bees communicate with each other via some sort of pheromone-driven interpretive dance. Parrots can ‘talk’. But can you name a species other than homo sapiens that’s created and perfected a system of symbology in order to communicate? More specifically, what other species has been able to graphically encode thought or spoken language?
Procurement is for paperclips.
Ideas  /  Dave Mason  /  09.29.14
The next time your favorite organization (sports franchise, bank, airline or design firm for example) lets you down, just imagine how much better it might be if it only sourced its personnel the same way it sources its office supplies.