Multiple Timecapsule Chicagochildrenstheatre
Once Upon Our Time Capsule Public Art Project
Updates  /  Chicago  /  05.20.21
A coalition of leading Chicago organizations have teamed up to debut Once Upon Our Time Capsule, an all-new, citywide, internationally unique participatory art and storytelling project that will empower children to share their stories of resilience.
X Ddd Post 032621 3000X1800
Digital Design and Development
Work  /  03.26.21
As one of the first (if not the very first) experiences a prospective customer, partner, or other stakeholders may have with an organization, product, or service, digital communication that’s on-brand, comprehensive, informative, and accessible is a powerful tool.
Multiple Inc. AccelerEd Preview Web
Adapting to Change.
Work  /  Bethesda, MD  /  03.10.21
Built on a history of innovation and a passion for education, AccelerEd has deep roots in the expertise required to support and scale digital solutions to attract learners and drive revenue growth.
Multiple Inc. Advance IllinoisSwi 2019 17 Covid 1500X900 Preview
Education in a Pandemic.
Work  /  Chicago, IL  /  02.23.21
In the spring of 2020, Illinois was struck by the COVID-19 pandemic, changing what school looks like for children and families across the state.
Multiple Fk Plusrfid 00 Thumbnail 740X444
+RFID Smart Labeled Medications.
Work  /  Chicago, IL  /  01.04.21
+RFID™ is a new portfolio of smart labeled medications manufactured by Fresenius Kabi. Launched in 2020, the +RFID portfolio supports a safer and more efficient inventory process for hospital pharmacies.
Multiple Ai Swi 2019 00 Thumbnail 740X444 2X
Improving outcomes and opportunities.
Work  /  Chicago, IL  /  08.07.20
Where does Illinois stand on the steps to readiness? The 2019 edition of The State We’re In measures Illinois’ educational performance from early childhood through postsecondary.
Branding for brand reps.
Work  /  Chicago, IL  /  05.13.20
Stack Brogan Collective is a women-owned business that represents a curated selection of leading furniture and textile manufacturers. At heart, they’re creative professionals who happen to know the furniture design and architecture world inside and out with collectively more than 75 years of industry experience.
Medication administration made easier.
Work  /  Chicago, IL  /  05.04.20
Simplist is a ready-to-administer prefilled syringe that makes it easier to mitigate risk while maintaining efficiency. However, Simplist isn’t just a syringe line; it’s also an initiative to help healthcare providers make the most of their resources and give their patients the best care possible. Simplist is about improving practices and providing safer tools for clinicians.
Multiple Cbi Wrf
Worth reaching for.
Work  /  Victor, NY  /  04.27.20
A leader in the beer, wine, and spirits industry, Constellation Brands is the fastest-growing large consumer product goods company in the U.S. at retail.
Multiple Calgary Academy Website 03 A
Embrace. Empower. Unleash.
Work  /  Chicago  /  04.20.20
Multiple began the process with a comprehensive audit that identified all of the school’s technology goals and requirements, including desired front-end and back-end functionality, and existing system/technology considerations. The resulting document provided a roadmap for recommended solutions and a framework for execution.
Multiple Glpf 30Years 01 Logo Animation 800X480 Thumbnail
Thirty years of impact.
Work  /  Evanston, IL  /  03.13.20
The Great Lakes Protection Fund has been investing in impact-focused projects for the last 30 years. GLPF’s efforts—along with the teams they have collaborated with—have taken on significant challenges such as invasive species, secure and healthy water, and pollution in the Great Lakes region.
Multiple Colville Bookkeeping 10 Storefront
Taking care of your books.
Work  /  Chicago  /  02.27.20
Multiple created a visual system that honors Colville Bookkeeping's Pacific Northwest headquarters and an authentic messaging platform that resonates with audiences locally and nationally.
Multiple Joint Commision Tracer Preview
Improving the delivery of care.
Work  /  Chicago  /  12.02.19
We created the RTA MedSafety microsite and a digital tool, a four-part self-assessment for hospital pharmacies, to help identify areas of improvement for the administration of injectable medications in overall Patient Safety, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Anesthesia.
Multiple X3 Future 01 1
X No. 3: Future.
Work  /  11.11.19
We’re all working towards the future. The trouble is, we can only work in the present because the future never actually arrives. So plan accordingly.
Multiple Wca Streetbanners Preview
A neighborhood of character.
Work  /  Chicago  /  10.04.19
Multiple created a civic banner system that positions sponsors as collaborators in WCA’s mission to advance the West Central area. The implemented system unifies the WCA brand visuals using a flexible system while incorporating neighborhood character.
Show time.
Work  /  Chicago  /  09.15.19
We worked with Eby-Brown to develop a tradeshow strategy to break through everyday thinking of c-store industry’s most influential thinkers.
Multipleinc Davemason
Designer, App Developer, Conference Creator, and Author
Updates  /  Chicago  /  06.04.19
Talemaker Communications sits down with designer, app developer, sports aficionado, conference creator, and author Dave Mason.
Multiple Depaul Freshman Admission Preview
A data-driven profile.
Work  /  Chicago  /  06.02.19
A digital experience designed and developed by Multiple converts DePaul University’s freshman enrollment data into an engaging overview of key areas; admission trends, academic and financial aid profiles, diversity, and honors programs.