Kevin Krueger goes back to high school

Updates  /  09.28.18

Multiple’s Kevin Krueger was a guest speaker at his alma mater — St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio — to help celebrate the grand opening of its $5.5 million Lowe Institute of Innovation.

The recently completed facility enhances the school's science, engineering and entrepreneurship programs, giving students access to 3D printers, CNC mills, metal casting, embedded electronics systems, laser cutters, engravers and a vinyl printer.

Kevin was honored to be one of nine invited guest speakers who discussed topics ranging from marketing and medical innovation to jumpstarting startups and building company leaders.

St. Edward’s Strategic Initiatives Vice President K.C. McKenna commented, ”The nine speakers who were here, they‘re creating the future and that‘s ultimately what we want to empower our students to do.“

”Kids love to see pathways for themselves, and the people we had speaking are all doing exceptional things. For a student to be sitting in the same seat that those alumni were just recently sitting in, for them to see what they‘re doing, it immediately makes that pathway a reality. It‘s very much in the wheelhouse of our students to think eight years from now they could be speaking at this same event.“