Better together.
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The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) is a professional organization for design. Its 22,000 members—in 73 chapters and more than 200 student groups around the United States—practice all forms of communication design, including graphic design, typography, interaction design, branding and identity. AIGA's goal is to be the standard bearer for professional ethics and practices for the design profession.

Our principals have been engaged with AIGA Chicago—the association's local chapter—for more than 15 years, as board members, providers of graphic support, event hosts, and exhibition contributors. Why? Because we believe that advancing our profession is a collective effort. And that we're all better together.

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AIGA is committed to the same things we are: professionalism, ethics, and the advancement of design as an essential component of business and civic engagement.
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Scope of Services


Research, analysis, campaign strategy


Copywriting, photography, illustrations


Positioning, messaging, brand application


Digital experiences, print/packaging, environmental experiences
Constellation Brands
Corporate Communications Digital / Web