Fresenius Kabi USA

Building an extensive portfolio of smart labeled medications.

+RFID™ is a new portfolio of smart labeled medications manufactured by Fresenius Kabi. Launched in 2020, the +RFID portfolio supports a safer and more efficient inventory process for hospital pharmacies.

Multiple created the +RFID brand and a system of materials to launch the new portfolio and its first product. Backed by research and insights, Multiple developed key messaging to communicate why +RFID is a worthwhile investment. Through journal ads and educational materials, customers are driven to a custom microsite for more information about +RFID and the available portfolio.

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The +RFID identity was developed to work across a broad range of sizes and applications, from digital screens to small printed labels.
Multiple developed a responsive microsite with animated illustrations to further explain how the +RFID Smart Labels are designed.
A launch strategy was created to raise awareness for the new +RFID portfolio through a system of brand materials that can be updated and reused as additional products become available.

Scope of Services


Research, content strategy, campaign strategy


Copywriting, motion graphics, illustrations


Front-end development


Messaging, naming, visual identity systems, brand guidelines, brand application


Integrated campaigns, digital experiences, print/packaging


Email campaigns, SEO/SEM
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Digital / Web Print / Packaging