Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean continues to redefine cruise vacations for its millions of guests.

Royal Caribbean (NYSE: RCL) is a cruise line brand founded in Norway and based in Miami, Florida. As of May 2018, the line operates 25 ships and has five additional ships on order.

For Royal Caribbean, 2016 marked four consecutive years of double-digit adjusted earnings growth, record results, and consistent year-over-year performance. Royal Caribbean’s steadfast discipline, focused strategy, and highly motivated team helped drive its stellar performance, so words like sensational, steady, strong, resilient, robust, balanced, passionate, and committed actually ring 100% true.

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Renowned for flawless hospitality and service, and for pioneering many industry ‘firsts’ on the most technologically advanced ships in the world — from robotic bartenders to skydiving at sea — Royal Caribbean continues to push the boundaries and redefine cruise vacations for its millions of guests.

The strengths Royal Caribbean builds on to deliver stellar year-after-year financial results are rooted in its commitment to its guests and employees, to innovation, and to the environment. Through Double-Double, an aggressive performance and environmental initiative implemented in 2014, the company has achieved:

  • Record booking levels
  • Strong brand recognition
  • Historically high employee engagement levels
  • Best ever guest satisfaction levels
  • Stellar financial results

With such a great story to tell, our challenge, under very tight time constraints, was to help Royal Caribbean define and communicate the underlying strengths behind its powerful trajectory. A simultaneous challenge was to help the company transition from the known processes inherent in creating and delivering printed reports (on which we’ve worked with them the past) to the new processes that are inherent in designing and executing web-based reporting.

Articulation and execution

Our strategy centered on developing a concept that would encapsulate the company’s tremendous achievements, overall commitment, innovative technology, strong brands, global footprint, green goals, long-term financial targets, and passionate people. Expressed by the theme — We are disciplined. We are strong. And we’ve never been so well-positioned. — that’s immediately brought to life through a video that makes use of Royal Caribbean’s incredibly rich library of photo assets, we developed a digital communication solution that takes users on a ‘journey’ through the company’s core objectives: We Deliver, We Commit, We Wow, We Create, and We Care.

Taking full advantage of the medium to deliver and enhance the overall strategic message of the report, we designed and developed animated charts, icons, illustrations, and graphics that communicate milestones, key accomplishments, and statistics that load, count up, grow, slide in, or ‘sail’ by. As with all websites, subtle modifications were made in order to deliver the best user experience across browsers and on all devices.

The company’s first digital report — smoothly and successfully brought to life under tight time constraints — has been widely praised internally by management and employees, and externally by key investors. It continues to be utilized as a tool to communicate Royal Caribbean’s ongoing strategic mission, long-term vision, focused discipline, and financial strength.

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Taking advantage of the digital medium to enhance the report's overall strategic message, we designed and developed animated charts, icons, illustrations, and graphics that communicate milestones, key accomplishments, and statistics that load, count up, grow, slide in, or ‘sail’ by.
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