Evolved Science

Naming, branding, and activating a concierge medical practice designed for those determined to get the most out of life.
Multiple Inc, Evolved Science

Conventional wisdom around aging, vitality, and quality of life often falls short of offering meaningful alternatives to ‘growing old gracefully.’ Evolved Science is a concierge medical practice that encompasses the best thinking in contemporary healthcare, offering intensely personalized care that proactively addresses various aspects of aging through the application of evolved medicine.

We were tasked with helping create a brand built on the core principles of founder Dr. Erika Schwartz, with a view that would translate to a broader concept.

Multiple Inc, Evolved Science
Multiple Inc, Evolved Science
We created the organization's name — Evolved Science — to reflect both its underlying healthcare philosophy and the initials of its founder, Dr. Erika Schwartz, then established an elegant visual voice to project the idea of approachable exclusivity for offices in New York, London, Beverly Hills, and Palm Beach.
Multiple Inc, Evolved Science
One of the key facets of the Evolved Science approach to healthcare is continuous communication. We developed a secure, private digital solution that enables patients to opt into the provision of data relating to things like sleep, mood, energy and stress levels — information that can help doctors better understand and address patient issues should they arise.
Multiple Inc, Evolved Science
Multiple Inc, Evolved Science

Scope of Services


Research, analysis, data visualization




Front-end development, back-end development, content management systems


Positioning, messaging, naming, visual identity systems, brand application


Digital experiences, print/packaging
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