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Ideas  /  Andy Eltzroth  /  12.27.18

A couple of years ago, one of our clients stopped by our Chicago office towards the end of the workday, kicked off his shoes, and grabbed a beer.

An EVP at a 60,000+ employee multinational organization, on this particular day he wasn’t interested in talking much about any current or future projects. He just wanted to hang out. And vent.

He talked about the fact that although his company had internal resources, they’d not only engaged us but also worked with a few much larger agencies. He started to talk about some of his challenges — the cumbersome processes, and the dragging minutia of working inside such a large corporation. And he expressed his frustration in working with larger agencies because they also tended to get bogged down in their own minutia. He talked about the fact that when you take two companies with tons of minutia and put them together, you can get a whole lot of nothing. Just tons of meetings, tons of calls, way too many people at each table, and not enough actual work getting done.

Compounding his frustration was the bottom line reality that all of that minutia and tons of nothing added up to a significant amount of cost with very little to show for it. And he asked how our team kept moving the needle.

For us it’s simple.

We’re a small, personal, fully focused team. And we work hard every day to be a trusted long-term partner, to produce great work that’s on brand, on budget, and on time.

And it’s summed up in the way we approach everything we do:

Be strategic. Help clients identify, articulate, and solve their brand challenges.

Be tactical. Move the needle for the people who hire us.

Be beautiful. Solve all problems with style and efficiency.

Want to find out how we can move the needle for you? Give us a buzz. Or better yet, stop by for a beer.

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